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A message from Debbie

I suffered from sweaty hands and feet for as long as I can remember. I was embarrassed to be around my family, friends and acquaintances. All in all, my sweating problem was serious and it complicated my life.

In 2003 I contacted a surgeon regarding the ETS surgical procedure. Since I had suffered with this condition all my life I was skeptical, but hopeful in believing someone would be able to cure my sweaty hands. There was no question for me – I choose to have the ETS surgical procedure. The surgery went well and I can now type on the computer, play the guitar, hold hands, and do so many more things without leaving whatever I touched covered with sweat!

Having the surgery has been one of the best decisions of my life. I am more confident in all aspects of my life.

After the ETS surgical procedure I developed the side effect, compensatory sweating, as it was explained to me. This was mainly on my chest and mid to lower back. For me, it typically occurs during periods of excessive stress, exercise or just being out in the heat. It tends to be moderate to severe and I feel that it is a significant issue and extremely bothersome. With that said, I would never want to go back to the way things were prior to the ETS surgical procedure.

I needed a product that would help the issue. The two problems that I wanted to solve were the sweat that would soak through my clothing and the sweat that dripped down my back and chest, causing my skin to itch and clearly was extremely uncomfortable.

So after several years of development I have designed a product that changed my life. I am much more comfortable and I feel more at ease when I go out in public. It just makes things … Better!

Best wishes,


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